Tools & Test Gear

You can’t do the job right without the right tool.  here  is a small example of Tools and Test Gear I use everyday.

Check out some of the Commercial/Multi Site Location Voice Services/Data Services

  • Cabling Voice & Data – Adds, Moves, and Changes
  • Frame/Equipment Room Cleanup-Labeling/Proper Grounding
  • Fiber-Optic Cabling –Testing / Certification-Media Convertors- Single Mode/Multimode
  • Cat5E / 6 Installation Testing/Certification
  • Voice and Data Hardware Relocation-
  • Data Room Design-Rack/Cabinet Installation/Patch Panels/Wire Management/UPS
  • POE (Power over Ethernet) Upgrades-Power Injectors-Cable Certification
  • Demarc Extension-Relocation/Grounding
  • Consulting Services
  • Phone System Services 3COM/Nortel/Toshiba/Assorted Systems
  • Periphial Hardware=Fax & Line Share devices/Alarm Dialers/Elevator Phones/Music on Hold/Credit Card Terminals/Power Fail/Disaster Recovery/HVAC Monitor&Modem Connections
  • Phone Company Disputes – Billing Correction/Credits
  • DSL and Filter Installation/Testing/T1 Installation
  • Line Surveys/Phone Bill Anaylasis
  • Local/LD/Internet Services
  • IP Technology-Ethernet Infrastructure
  • Computer Networks/Wireless Deployment
  • Cable Removal- Site Demo